Haiti In Photos (Part 2)

  • Posted on: 12 January 2008
  • By: Bryan Schaaf
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Haitians say that what the eyes do not see, the heart cannot feel.  There is much to that.  Considering how numb many of us have become to violence, it is difficult to convey the enormity of the humanitarian crisis in Darfur without images.  Without photos, it is also hard to show the beauty of a long maligned country like Haiti.  Below are some more sites (and a link to a book) that convey the beauty of Haiti and Haitians in a way that writing cannot.  Enjoy!

Daniel Kedar: A well known photographer with a nice collection of photos from throughout Haiti and many other countries as well.




Windows on Haiti:  This very well organized online community has photographs from a number of different members.  Check them out for Haitian music and art as well.



Marcello Casal Jr:  Marcello pulled together an interesting multimedia presentation with photographs, video, and music.  It focuses on life in Cite Soleil.  A quote from a resident of Cite Soleil - "The journalists come and go, but they never come to Cite Soleil"


Snapshot Journeys: This is a travel blog focused on the northern portion of the country with photos from Cap Haitian, Fort Liberte, and Labadee Beach - a glimpse into a parallel universe where Haiti is a top tourist destination.  


Webshots:  This website has a collection of amateur photography from visitors to Haiti, a variety of locations.  Worth a look.



Paroles et Lumieres (Words and Light): This is the best book of photography that I have ever seen, Haiti or otherwise.  A real work of love. The photos are spectacular and the accompanying poetry in Kreyol, French, and English is amazing.  The translations say the same thing, but in a way that reflects the rhythm of each of the language.   This book always makes me wistful - can't recommend it highly enough.  


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