Kiskeya Guest House Now Offering Cultural Tours

  • Posted on: 3 March 2017
  • By: Bryan Schaaf

Cultural and Mystical Haiti Adventure Itinerary

Day 1 

Arrive at any time to the Toussaint Louverture International Airport

Airport Transfer to Kiskeya Guest House in Leogane

Spend time relaxing in the pool, visit the community while other participants are arriving

Welcoming Evening dinner with Anthropology Professor Jean-Yves Blot

In-house cultural presentation


Day 2                 

Brief presentation on Haiti and its culture

Travel to Port-Au-Prince for a day of excursions

Visit to MUPANAH Haiti’s national museum 

Tour surrounding Champ de Mars area

Visit to Parc Historique de La Canne a sucre Haiti’s historic sugar cane park

Stop a local beach in Gressier

Return to Kiskeya Guest House

In-house cultural presentation


Day 3

Visit Petion-Ville, Haiti’s upscale town

Visit to Fort Jacques and lunch in Petion-Ville

Head to Village Noailles, the famous metal art village

Spend the night at Hotel Holofson and enjoy the legendary Thursday night show by the band RAM


Day 4

Tour of  the Rhum Barbancourt Factory in Port-au-Prince

Visit the Marche en Fer

Drive back to Kiskeya Guest House

Spend some hours doing community service or just relax

In-house presentation on Haiti’s culture


Day 5

Discover Vodou:  Haiti’s indigenous religion

Learn its concepts, the meaning of colors, dance and drum rhythms

Discover the methods which has enabled vodou to survive centuries of persecution in Haiti

Visit a Kleren distillery in the community

Attend a Vodou ceremony


Day 6

Drive to Jacmel  to spend ½ day exploring this unique artistic town and its vibrant art community  and  spend ½ day in Bassin Bleu and take a dip in this famous sanctuary water fall.

Lunch and dinner in Jacmel

Return to Kiskeya Guest House

In-house cultural presentation


Day 7

You choose:  Dance workshop, drumming, community service or just relax by the pool or the beach.


Day 8

Breakfast/lunch and departure





Erold Saint- Louis holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences Philosophy from Shimer College and Master’s Degree in Linguistics from Florida Atlantic University. He is a versatile and innovative Haitian Creole Instructor.  He has extensive experience in developing curriculum for language and cultural classes. He is well traveled and is very knowledgeable of Haiti’s landscape.


Jean Yves Blot is an anthropologist and a Professor and Assistant Academic Research Dean of the Faculty of Ethnology of the State University of Haiti.  He previously served as the Director of the Bureau of Ethnology in Haiti.  He is the leading researcher in most sought after expert in the field of Ethnology in Haiti.











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