HELP Haiti Fundraiser at the Haitian Embassy (June 27th, 2008)

  • Posted on: 7 June 2008
  • By: Bryan Schaaf
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In a just world, income level would not be a barrier to an education.  The Haitian Education Leadership Program (HELP) is a top-notch initiative that  provides scholarships to high performing, disadvantaged students.  100% of HELP graduates are now employed, using their education to promote economic progress and to rebuild the Haitian middle class - an essential component of a functional democracy.  The fundraiser will take place at the Haitian Embassy in Washington DC and there will be food, music, and a variety of speakers including two HELP graduates.  Take a look at the HELP website and consider attending this worthwhile event.

The Reception will take place from 6:00 - 7:30 P.M and the Embassy is located at 2311 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.  You can RSVP  at or you can call at 718-854-0483.  As HELP is a 501c3 registered organization, your fifty dollars is completely tax deductible.





Reading the success stories on the HELP website, I could not help but think of my friends in rural Haiti who never had a shot at higher education.  One of my friends, who without a doubt is smarter than me, was able to scrape together enough money to begin studying at University.  When his money ran out, he had to stop.  He could have been a doctor, lawyer, or engineer.  As it was, he eventually came to the United States and is working during the day contributing to our economy, studying at night.  


After decades of brain drain, Haiti needs technical, political, and community leaders.  Education can help young Haitians gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to tackle social, economic, and environmental problems.   




We hope to see you at the event.  If you can't attend, do consider supporting HELP so they can expand the number of scholarships they provide to Haiti's most promising, as opposted to the most priviliged, students.






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