Haiti Micah Project Initiates Child Sponsorship Program

  • Posted on: 9 April 2009
  • By: Bryan Schaaf

The Haiti Micah Project (HMP) is a non profit organization which is providing one meal per day for 150 vulnerable children in the town of Mirebalais, plus uniforms and tuition for their education and medical care.  Recently, HMP rented a two-building compound to house up to 25 of the most vulnerable, most of whom are street children.  The opening of this facility is scheduled for mid to late April 2009.  In order to expand the program, HMP recently announced the creation of a Child Sponsorship Initiative.


Through this program, donors can sponsor an individual child in the program  and can communicate with her/him.  The minimum contribution for this program is $300 per year or $25 per month to cover food, rent, clothes, and tuition.


As with other such programs, HMP will provide the name and photograph of the child.  The child and donor will be able to communicate via snail mail.  As Kreyol is the functional language of Haiti, a copy of the original and a translated version will be sent.  Donors may also sponsor a family if they wish.


A sponsor application form is attached.  If you wish to participate, please complete the  form and return it to HMP for processing.  Once it has been completed and received by HMP, staff in Mirebalais will select a child or family for sponsorship.


Mirebalais is one of those towns on the Central Plateau that most pass through but do not stop.  If they do, it is to grab a snack before heading further south to Port au Prince or into the Artibonite Valley or instead heading north to Hinche.  Once a year, pilgrims flood the town en route to Sodo for the famous vodoun festival at the waterfalls. 


It does not take long though to see that this town has unmet needs including a number of very vulnerable children.  I've known the members of HMP since it was just a desire by a Haitian priest in the United States to give back to the town where he has born.  It has been great to see this program grow and I hope that the sponsorship program will help more children be safe, go to school, learn a trade, and one day give back to their communities and country.  Thanks for reading!




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